News Release

16 February 2017

 The Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau is a nonprofit entity that exists to attract visitors to its member properties in Glen Arbor Township. Since its formation in 1998, the Bureau has worked on behalf of a diverse group of lodging facilities in the Sleeping Bear Dunes region, to promote those facilities and other local businesses.

Like other visitor bureaus in Michigan the Bureau is organized under Public Act 59, and funds its work through the collection of a 2% assessment on room rates. The assessments are disclosed in advance, paid directly by overnight guests of the Bureau’s member properties, and itemized separately from the room rate on folios.

The member properties do not pay taxes to support the Bureau. Rather, they collect the assessments from overnight guests and submit them with a report to a third party in accord with Act 59.

Since its inception, the Bureau’s member properties have reported that their seasons have been extended, that occupancies increased in the spring and fall, and that out-of-state visits have grown from about 20% to about 50%.

The Bureau’s member properties are independently owned by local families. The Bureau is proud of the help it has given those families and other families and businesses in its community.

To continue to provide that help, the Bureau will vigorously defend the litigation that has been filed by the Mackinac Center.



Jamie Jewell, Secretary

Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau